Becoming a Mason

We would also expect you to be of good repute and of the highest moral character.
Freemasonry is open to mature men of at least 18 years of age who decide to become a Freemason of their own free will and accord, without expectation of any material gain or benefits.

After reading the “Frequently Asked Questions“, and you are still interested in becoming a Freemason, we advise that you first contact the lodge secretary he will be able to explain to you more about the fraternity.

Arrangements could then be made to meet you socially to find out more about you, and to give you a chance to find out more about us.

You would then in due course be invited to meet a committee of members from a Lodge you might be joining, prior to being balloted for membership of that Lodge.

What’s the cost?

As with all members groups, becoming a Freemason does incur some costs.
Initially there is a registration fee that has to be paid to the United Grand Lodge of England, this is a one off cost, to date this is approx. £76.80, and is payable on the evening you join, together with an annual membership, currently of £125.00, plus our yearly dues which are £144.00 /yr, from 1st April 2022 – 31st March 2023.

The dues though would be on a pro rata basis and depends on what month they join, and can be paid monthly by standing order.

We do dine after each Lodge working, and hope that all our members join in at this occasion, as it forms a unique opportunity to get to know your fellow brothers in a relaxed and social setting, thus enhancing our bond of fraternal union that exists amongst all Freemasons.
In most Lodges this is called the festive board, and the cost of a three course meal is currently £12.50 per meeting although our Installation meeting ( once a year )  £17.00 – £20.00. (cost correct to date)
We also hold a raffle at this time, to which all monies collected are distributed  to various charities nominated by the Lodge, and forms the basis of a Freemasons heart namely Charity.

Our dress code consists of a dark suit, white shirt and black tie and on progressing to a Master Mason some regalia in the form of an apron and white gloves.

What a Candidate should know

  1. Freemasonry is a society of men concerned with moral and spiritual values, it is a brotherhood of men branded together not only to preserve the secrets and moral improvement.
    The ideals are the cultivation of brotherly love, relief and truth, not only amongst themselves but to the World at large.
  2. To be a Freemason it is essential that the candidate believes in a supreme being.
  3. In Freemasonry there are no distinctions of religion, but members should cultivate their own religion and loyalties to their own country. Members should not discuss religious questions in Lodge or in their capacity as a Freemason.
  4. Freemasonry is not to be used for commercial, pecuniary or social gain.
  5. Freemasonry has a certain Charities, but is not a charitable institution or benefit society and while it should not be taken as a form of insurance for dependants and no one has a claim on the charities, they are there to assist those who having been in good circumstance, have, through no fault of their own, been overtaken by misfortune or adversity.
  6. After his duty to God, a man’s first duty to his wife, his family and connections.
    Therefore no one should join the Order who cannot well afford to pay the initiation fees and subscriptions to his Lodge as well as reasonable contributions to Masonic Charities and without detriment to his dependants.
  7. Arising from these points it is therefore essential that a candidate should be well assured in his own mind:
  • He must believe in a higher power than man, a supreme being, in whatever form that may take.
  • That he sincerely desires the intellectual and moral improvement of himself and his fellow creatures.
  • That he is willing to devote part of his time, his means and his efforts in promotion of brotherly love, relief and truth.
  • That he seeks no commercial or pecuniary advantage.
  • That he can afford the necessary expenditure and time without injury to himself or his family.

You can also contact our Lodge Mentor who would be pleased to help and take a look at the link below from Grand Lodge of England – FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Visit HERE to view the UGLE video hub and a very good source of information.59

Introduction to Freemasonry
PGL Devonshire Educational video

If you are interested in becoming a Freemason, Please contact our Lodge Secretary via the button below.

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