One of the main characteristics of Freemasonry is charity the Grand lodge of England & Provincial lodge of Devonshire donate millions of pounds to charity each year.
The Brethren of Ebrington lodge are no different, as well as contributions to both Grand & Provincial lodge, the passion & generosity of our members has also enabled generous donations to various non-masonic charities. 
Funds are not only raised from raffles at lodge meetings but also fundraising/social events throughout the year, these include Ladies Nights, Horse racing evenings & Christmas Socials.
An example of those charities to benefit from the Ebrington lodge over the past 5 years includes:

The Mark Knapman Memorial fund,

Which holds various sporting events throughout the year in Marks memory with the aim of raising money for the meningitis fund to assist in research into the illness that took Marks life aged 23 years?

Heartswell Lodge,

The Lodge in Plymouth provides accommodation for relatives, friends, and carers of patients undergoing treatments in Derriford and any of the local hospitals, including the Peninsular Treatment Centre and the Nuffield.
Our accommodation is of a very high standard at affordable prices.
The Lodge also provides accommodation for patients who are admitted to Derriford on the day of their planned surgery, but who live too far away to travel on the day.

ME /CSF research,

Around 200,000 people in the UK have ME/CSF; this debilitating illness affects all social groups and all ages, including children.
Most patients are unable to work full-time, and up to a quarter of ME patients are housebound or bedbound.

Teddy’s for Loving care,

Whereby teddies are distributed to local Hospitals, A&E departments & Family courts where teddies are given out to help comfort those children showing signs of distress.


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